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Here you will find other Art websites where you can get Estelle Asmodelle’s abstract expressionism artworks. However, please note that buyer from these retailers you will pay to ship, only on this personal website can you buy the artworks with free shipping worldwide.


Estelle’s Bluethumb profile also has many abstract expressionism artworks. This is one of the Art websites that would be good if you live in Australia or close by.

Estelle’s Bluethumb profile

“During her varied career Asmodelle continued to paint and exhibit and large canvas work using synthetic polymer became her preferred method. In the early 90s, she moved to Japan to live and work and soon afterwards exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum as part of the ‘UNESCO International Friendship Exhibition’ in 1991. This led to commissions, usually from Japanese firms, for her work. During this period Asmodelle also started the ‘Tokyo Eki (train station) Exhibition,’ displaying and selling her work in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Tokyo train stations as a permanent exhibition, while contributing in group shows within Tokyo’s art galleries in Ginza, Shibuya and Ueno.”


Estelle’s Artfinder profile has many abstract expressionism artworks. This is one of the Art websites that would be good if you live internationally; namely, outside Australia.

Estelle’s Artfinder profile

“I have been painting all my life. I grew up as a small child painting with my mother from the age of 4. I always won art school prizes, always. I even entered a major country exhibition at the age of almost 10 and won the ‘best new talent’ award. I sold my first work at 10.

However, from 1976 when I first went to university and studied towards a theoretical physics degree, I moved deep into abstraction with my art and have been there ever since. The more abstract the work, the more ideas and concepts I can put into the abstract form. I like to mix my feelings with abstract ideas and express them together in the work.

My first solo exhibition was at Wollongong Regional Art Gallery (now called the Wollongong City Gallery) and it was entitled, ‘The 26 Cent Exhibition,‘ for people were required to pay 26 cents to enter, while each work costs a total of 26 cents to create. This eccentric show leads to many group shows in the region and also in Sydney at art departments within various universities, most notably at the Sydney University Art Department.”

Other Art websites

There are other websites which feature Estelle’s artworks whereby you can purchase the art, a small list is provided below:

Saatchi (UK)

Art Lovers Australia

Tricera (Japan)

1stDibs (USA)

The Artling (Singapore)

Zatista (Global)

Singulart (France)

This is Gallery (Japan)

See my Artbooks page as well.

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