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Artist Statement

I am the daughter of an artist. For the last four decades, I have been painting serious pieces. And I’ve been a full-time professional artist for six years now. My work is contemporary, eclectic and generally takes the style of abstract expressionism. I will reflect a different artistic viewpoint in a highly abstract manner and an expressive and modernist style. I am devoted to working on large canvas works, drawing in the observer rather than being viewed from the outside. I like to think of my abstract works as reflective of an observer’s ideas and emotions. I believe that art’s greatest gift is not what we see in art but rather ourselves.

In contrast, the expressive work is usually brightly coloured and offers an optimistic view of the subject. Sometimes these bright colours can take on a different meaning entirely. I usually chose a theme, gender, politics, art, beauty, cosmology or other general areas. After which, I meditate on the concept behind a proposed artwork. Then improvise the vision while painting, allowing the work and my imagination to unconsciously mould into its own form. This symbiosis releases my semi-awake hypnagogic images in an almost unconscious fashion. I see great inspiration in the physical nature of our existence. I also embrace the quantum ideology. By observing my work whilst creating it, I’m, in a sense bringing it into reality. Yet, its final form is unknown to me until I observe the completed work. However, it existed all the while hidden from me.

Artist Bio

Estelle Asmodelle grew up in Bowral, NSW. She started painting as a small child, usually winning the school art prizes, first exhibiting at the Berrima District Art Show at 10. After leaving school, Estelle started painting abstract pieces while studying for her degree. Her work was displayed during her varied career in many group and solo shows within Australia.

In the early 90s, she moved to Japan to live and work. She exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum as part of the ‘UNESCO International Friendship Exhibition’ in 1991. This leads to commissions, usually from Japanese firms. During this period, Estelle also started the ‘Tokyo Eki (train station) Exhibition,’ displaying and selling her work in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Tokyo train stations as a permanent exhibition. At the same time contributed to group shows within Tokyo’s art galleries in Ginza, Shibuya and Ueno. In 2000 Estelle moved to Los Angeles and participated in numerous group shows. A few years later, she returned to Sydney after living abroad for 9 years, yet continued to exhibit in Los Angeles and Tokyo. In 2008 Asmodelle started showing her work in solo and group exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. In 2010 Estelle published her first art book, ‘Transience,’ a collection of her canvas work created over 20 years, which is thematically ordered.

These days Estelle works out of her studio on the Central Coast at the Mouse House at Wyoming. It is a huge studio which enables Estelle to paint very large works. By appointment, clients can visit the studio, while most of Estelle’s work is now sold online.

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