Estelle Asmodelle's painting at Louis Vuitton Jakarta

Artwork at Louis Vuitton store

A previous post entitled, ‘Estelle in Vogue Magazine at Louis Vuitton’ which states that my work was featured at Louis Vuitton’s new store in Taipei, Taiwan. The story appear in numerous publications which also included Marie Claire. Louis Vuitton has been purchasing and commissioning more paintings for various stores across Asia. One such work is …

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Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

How it all started

At the tender age of five, I was taught to paint by my mother, painting trees and Australian landscapes — the subject of many precious memories that I cherish. People say do you have training? I studied towards my PhD in physics and have multiple science degrees, but I have never attended a formal art …

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Interview with Estelle on Art Lovers Australia

This new in depth interview by Anna Itkonen with Art Lovers Australia, asks important questions about Estelle’s art. Published on the 22nd of October 2022. Check the link below to read the interview and article. The Extreme Abstracts of Estelle Asmodelle

Statement & Bio

Artist Statement I am the daughter of an artist. For the last four decades, I have been painting serious pieces. And I’ve been a full-time professional artist for six years now. My work is contemporary, eclectic and generally takes the style of abstract expressionism. I will reflect a different artistic viewpoint in a highly abstract …

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Featured in Mozaïk Magazine

My art appeared on the cover of the French Arts Magazine “Mozaïk,” while the feature on me and my work appears on page 104. Estelle Asmodelle artworks and biography is Featured in Mozaïk Magazine Number 3, and is available online for viewing.

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