Abstract Expressionism

“Estelle loves to paint emotional pieces, that beckon the inner part of ourselves. She believes longing and desires that we hold are just under the surface can be released easily using abstraction. It is not what is seen in art but in ourselves, that is art’s greatest gift.”

Who is Estelle?

Estelle is a famous Australian artist and personality who has many skills. She believes that abstract expressionism is undergoing a profound renaissance. Estelle is in the top 20 best selling artists on ArtLoversAustralia, an established artist on Bluethumb, and considered a feature artist on Artfinder.com. Estelle wants her art to be affordable and accessible for everyone.

Abstract Expressionism. Usually, Estelle’s works are larger canvases, while at other times some smaller works are on paper or cotton. Works are often inspired by hypnagogic states (the state between being awake and asleep) and take non-conventional forms that are designed to challenge artistic symbolism and archetypes. Estelle believes abstraction makes art a truly personal subjective experience, and as there are no conventional forms or structures the viewer’s image is personal and unique.

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