Estelle’s Resume

The Estelle Asmodelle Resume is only a short list of the main aspects of Estelle’s varied career, while many are left out, for during 40 years of painting there is too much to squash into a web page. The Estelle Asmodelle Resume sometimes will need updating as she is involved in shows all the time, and so more recent events may only appear here after some time has elapsed.


Central Coast Conservatorium  2005 – 2007
Lena Harris Studios  (Diploma) 2000 – 2001
Jeff Conway Workshop (no certification) 2000 – 2000
UCLA External Workshop  (Certificate) 2000 – 2000
SPA (Advanced Certificate) 1994 – 1994
IDAS International Dramatic Arts Studios (Certificate) 1993 – 1994
IDAS International Dramatic Arts Studios  (Advanced Cert.) 1992 – 1994
Wollongong University B.Sc.. (Full time) 1979 – 1982
University of Central Lancashire 2008-2016 B.Sc. Honours 1st class.


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LUXEMBURG ART SHOW 2017 – A National Art prize in Luxemburg.
SULMAN Prize 2017 NSW Art Gallery – Sydney Australia.
PRIDE 2017 – Melbourne Pride Gallery – Melbourne Australia.
NORTH SYDNEY ART PRIZE 2017 – Art prize in North Sydney area.
MOSMAN ART PRIZE 2017 – North Sydney area.
RAVENSWOOD ART SHOW 2017 – Ravenwood School for Girls open show.
ARTFINDER MUTED Collection – 2016 Online exhibit with
LACDA 2016 – International juried competition – LA 2016.
SNAP TO GRID: Los Angeles Center For Digital Art – LA exhibit 2015.
HOME: Redfern Artists Group’s “Home” exhibition 2013
INTERNATIONAL ART SHOW 2010 – Guests Gallery Lilburn, GA, USA.
BRISBANE ART 08: Off the Wall exhibition for Brisbane Art 2008
SNAP TO GRID: Los Angeles Center For Digital Art – LA exhibit 2008
LACDA JURIED COMP: Los Angeles Center For Digital Art entrant 2008
MELBOURNE ART 08: Entrant in the Off The Wall competition 2008
STANTHORPE: Entrant in the Stanthorpe Art Prize 2007
PADDINGTON PRIZE: Entrant in the Paddington Art Prize. 2007
LA ARTISTS COLLECTIVE: Collection works by Artists Los Angeles 1996
UNESCO FRIENDSHIP: Collection of works of artists by UNESCO Tokyo 1991
MODERN ART COLLECT: Collection of chosen works by modern artists 1990
26 CENT EXHIBITION: An abstract exhibit – by Estelle Asmodelle 1982
THE OLD FACTORY: A Wollongong Artists Collective exhibition 1982
THE OLD FACTORY: A Wollongong Artists Collective exhibition 1982
ART SOCIETY: A collection of local artists from the Wingecarribee area 1970
BERRIMA ART SOCIETY: Local artists from the Berrima district 1968

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STREET ART: New Currents in Street Photography 2016
SEE ME: New York Transitions. 2015.
THE 26th CHELSEA: The 26th Chelsea International Fine Art 2011
LACDA JURIED COMP: Los Angeles Center For Digital Art 2011
IN THE MOMENT: A digital photography/art competition 2008
Px3 PHOTOGRAPHY: PX3 Prix De La Photographie, Paris, France. 2008
FIND YOUR SHOT: Canon photography competition entrant 2006
MEAT: First Draft Gallery, Sydney, Australia. 2003
LIPSINC: A photography exhibition Sydney 2002
BATHURST FESTIVAL Beverly Modern Art Gallery – Beverly Hills 1996
IMPROVISATION: Wollongong Regional Art Gallery. 1980
UNIVERSITY CAMERA: Wollongong University Hall. 1979
UNIVERSITY CAMERA Wollongong University Hall. 1978


Hypnagogia: “Hypnagogia” Gig Gallery, Glebe, NSW 2008.
Hypnagogia: “Hypnagogia” Artemis Gallery, Aberdeen NSW 2008.
Center Galley Ginza – “Abstract Artist Estelle,” Ginza, Tokyo, 1992.
Tradition Gallery – “Abstract Art,” Akasaka Gallery, Tokyo, 1992.
Station Gallery – “New Look” Solo exhibition – 1st July – 30th Nov ’91.

Commercial Digital Design Awards:
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Award of Excellence – 30th International Artavita – 2019
Silver Award – Interior Designer: Australian Designer Association – 2010
Golden Award – Gumdoctors: International Association of Designers 2007
Golden Award – The Supermodel Agency: International Association Designers 2006
Golden Award – Avcar: International Association of Designers 2006
Golden Award – Luxury limos: International Association of Designers 2004
Golden Award – AOS: International Association of Designers. 2004
Golden Award – Cheapies Cars – Japan: International Association of Designers. 2003
Golden Award – Mini Cost: International Association of Designers. 2003
Golden Award – The Enchanted Dance: International Association of Designers. 2002
Best New Talent – Bathurst Film Festival – Bathurst NSW 1996
Encouragement Award – UNESCO Art Friendship Exhibition – Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 1991 – Japan

Over 30 design, art and drawing awards from three different schools, as a child.


Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, Arshile Gorky, and Frank Stella. There are others but these are the most important.

The Estelle Asmodelle Resume is only part of who she is!

See Estelle’s Art Books.

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