Featured on Vogue Germany

I was invited by Vogue Germany to comment on art in the world of Covid as a part of any article comprising 13 other artists. The translation here is as follows:

“I think the art world will look very different in the future. The coronavirus has brought more people to the internet. There seems to be a massive artistic ecosystem online that can only keep growing. I believe that virtual exhibitions will be the standard way people look at and buy art. It will no longer just be about visiting a website, but rather an immersive virtual reality experience. A person can virtually visit any gallery worldwide to see and experience works of art up close and seemingly personally. Large galleries and museums will continue to exist for those who want a real-life experience. Most, if not all, contemporary artists, however, will likely only be accessible in the virtual world. Just as online streaming concerts will become the main form of performance for music artists, visual artists will also be streamed online. This will be the most effective form of an exhibition.”

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