Estelle has won dozens of awards for her art and designs, the most recent being as follows. Winner at the Camel Back Gallery ‘Bold Abstracts’ 2022, Winner at the International Art Gallery in 2022 and 2021. Winner at Artavita International 2019 & 2018. Honorary Mention in the US with two exhibitions. The first is the Grey Cube Gallery in their show “Colors 2020.” The next is the J. Mane Gallery also US-based. She was also a finalist in the Allied Artists of America Juried Selection for their 107th Annual Exhibition. Also, she was Lastly, Estelle’s work was selected for exhibition in Bougie Art Gallery in Ontario, Canada and also the Envision Arts in Dallas Texas. There are dozens of other awards over the years but these are the most recent significant ones.

Furthermore, Estelle participates in many international art prizes and exhibitions each year, some of these are The Sulman, The Wynn, The Luxembourg Art Prize and the London Biennale, just to name a couple.

Bluethumb 2020 Art Prize.

This work is my entry into the Bluethumb 2020 Art Prize. #BluethumbArtPrize20 The work is entitled: “End of the Pandemic.” I guess it is an impression of how I would feel when the pandemic is behind us, a joyous feeling to be sure!

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